I was raised on Singh Farm, my grandfather’s pecan orchard in Anthony, TX. Though I grew up with an appreciation of his work, it was not until much later that I started researching alternative farming techniques, fully realizing my love for growing. Now, on my own plot located along my grandpa’s orchard, I’m starting my own farm. My goal is to create something sustainable that can benefit the community I grew up in, providing easy access to fresh, clean, produce.

So, I introduce to you, Sweet Roots Hydroponic Farm


Learn more about the hydroponic greenhouse below!


Sweet Roots Hydroponic Farm will produce herbs and leafy greens all year long!

We use zero soil in the production of all of our greens, meaning we don’t use traditional  farming methods. Our produce is grown in a recirculating system of water. Water flows through channels, across the roots of each plant. The plant only takes in the nutrition that it needs, creating an efficient system where neither water nor nutrients are wasted.

   Using an NFT Hydroponic system in a climate controlled greenhouse we’ll be able to measure the exact amount of nutrients that goes into each plant creating consistent, pesticide free produce. Traditionally, soil grown plants are harvested days before market to leave room for cleaning and prep before they even get to you.  Our plants are harvested by pulling straight out of the system the day you buy them. That means you get clean, healthy, and in most cases, live produce that stays fresh longer than soil grown greens. 

   Our greens will be grown on a schedule which means harvest happens one day out of the week. You can follow us on social media or stay up to date with the website to learn more about how to purchase produce when it becomes available.